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David Beckham was offered so the owner of the MLS club

David Beckham was offered so the owner of the MLS club
David Beckham considering two bids to become the owner of two U.S. Major League Soccer club.

It franchises in Miami and New York have approached the 37-year-old footballer, who asked for the option to have an MLS club when he joined the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007.

Both clubs hope they can become members of the MLS before 2016, and very hopeful Beckham could play a key role.

However, former England's captain intends to play at least one more season with a number of clubs.
Beckham appeared in his final game in MLS on Saturday, bringing the Galaxy won their second MLS Cup in a row.

Paris St Germain and AS Monaco is known as two of the clubs are trying to woo Beckham to join them before he ended his career fantastic.

Beckham's phenomenon
Prospect of ownership is something to be explored Beckham since he moved to the U.S. and even has a stake in the Galaxy remains an option, the two others who were believed to offer more tempting for Beckham.

A number of investment groups in the Middle East showed interest to support potential ownership Beckham on MLS franchise. Qatar and Abu Dhabi as exploring opportunities to expand their global reach in the world of football to the United States.

All parties can see that the prospect of restricting the marketing phenomenon named Beckham, in one of the most famous markets in the world of football, as an opportunity not to be missed.

MLS looking at Florida as an untapped market. Given the high Latin population in the region, the city of Miami is rated as an ideal for developing MLS. The town has an MLS club the Miami Fusion, but the club was eliminated from the league in 2001.

Another option is New York, with MLS Commissioner Don Garber wants a Red Bulls opponent in the city.

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