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Russians always lose in the Tender Aircraft in India

Russians always lose in the Tender Aircraft in India
New Delhi - India ultimately prefers homemade Boeing Chinook helicopters the U.S., rather than the Russian Mi-26 aircraft in the tender purchase of 15 helicopters for the Air Force, according to the Indian Ministry of Defense, Wednesday (5/12).

Both helicopters Russian Mi-26T2 and enhanced its capacity nor-47F Chinook helicopter's Boeing graduating in technical testing and pricing. India Media and cost-effectiveness previously mentioned after-sales service into the main factors that determine the Boeing victory in this tender.

"In this proposal the Indian Air Force for the procurement of 15 Heavy Helicopter Carrier, Boeing Helicopter Chinooknya emerged as the L1 Vendor," said the statement Kemhan India, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday (5/12).

"Field Experiments Testing for helicopters was conducted by the Indian Air Force helicopters, and it is tested in accordance with the qualitative requirements," the statement Kemhan India again.

The cost of the contract purchase of 15 chinook helicopters will be determined in negotiations with Boeing that are currently underway. Russian state-owned aircraft Rosoboroexport recently insisted said the results of the tender helicopter undetermined.

Russians traditionally often win the tender requirements plane in India, later increasingly pressured by competition from Europe and the U.S., and failed to acquire some aircraft purchase contract. Last year, Russia lost both the procurement of military weapons in India. Russia also lost in the procurement of 22 helicopters to India, which was won by-64D Apache helicopter belonging to the US. Mi-28N-owned Rosoboroexport loses.

Russia also lost in the procurement of fighter aircraft. Russia's MiG-35 aircraft was to enter the final round in the effort to replace the MiG-21 fighter aircraft belong to India. The winning even with the French company Dassault Rafale Eurofighter Typhoon twin-engine flagship. Though appreciating the procurement of fighter aircraft is at least U.S. $ 10 billion.

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