Kamis, 06 Desember 2012

Tornado kills 3 people in New Zealand

Tornado kills 3 people in New Zealand
Three people were killed after a tornado struck the capital of New Zealand, Auckland.

Tornado strikes Hobsonville and Whenuapai on Thursday afternoon, toppling trees and ripping the roofs of houses.

Two deaths suspected as construction workers building a school and one other person were killed by falling trees, said Civil Defense office.

Seven others were taken to hospitals, and 150 homes also suffered serious damage was reported.

"About 150 homes were damaged in Whenuapai, and many cannot be occupied and do not have electricity," the statement said.

About 250, people were treated at an Air Force base.
The storm also caused a number of flights were delayed. Trees were uprooted and debris damage as well meets the road.

"This is a terrible situation for many people in the local community," said Prime Minister John Key said in a statement.

"I want to thank the staff who responded to the emergency situation. It is important for them to focus on relief efforts. "

Twister followed by thunderstorms and heavy rain. At 16.30 local time (10.30 GMT), thunderstorm was moving toward the southeast and New Zealand meteorological office predicted the storm will subside.

Auckland was the last time a tornado was attacked in May 2011, killing one person.

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